Monday, 17 September 2012


We finally arrived at our destination and found a camping ground on the side of Lake Zurich.  We were shocked when they told us the cost to camp as it was three times the price we had paid elsewhere....... Luckily we only had to stay one night though.   It was a very warm day and once we had set up camp, Dave decided to brave the waters of the lake -
The following day we had just a short ride to our home for the next few days with some members of our family who are living there.  It was lovely to have a bed, washing machine, and cold drinks!!
The view from their place on the edge of the lake wasn't too hard on the eyes either.
The nighttime view was pretty good as well....
As we were riding along through the suburbs we suddenly smelled something wonderful  and very mouthwatering - it was a suprise to find we were staying very near the Lindt chocolate factory.  Apparently it smells even better in the middle of winter when it's freezing and you pass by.  And of course we all like to support our local industries......
We were treated to a wonderful day when we were taken up to the alps - by car - thank goodness.  Can't imagine how they would look coated in snow, but they were pretty incredible in their green state.
The views on the way were pretty good.
Gradually getting higher and higher up the mountains...

And the roads were all pretty good....lots of tunnels through mountains, and Dave would have loved to be riding the '9 on some of the winding mountain roads -
And we encountered typical Swiss housing on the mountains.
One thing that was hard to believe were the cyclists that we saw on the road as we were driving up the mountain.  Crazy Bastards!!!  We are certainly a lot fitter and stronger than when we started but there is NO WAY we were going to ride up these!!!
But many people must as this was one of the signs at the top of the mountain!!!!
We took the chair lift up the I am not a great lover of heights and the trip was a lot longer than I anticipated, but I was holding it together quite well until 3/4 of the way up - the lift stopped!!!
It's OK - I can handle this! Then Dave started!!!!  What if it won't start again? And then he thought it might just be funny to rock the carriage - NOT FUNNY DAVE!!!!
 See  - we were pretty high!!!!
When we finally  got to the top Dave & Andy were checking the views while I was coming back to earth and anticipating the return journey!!
These mountains seem to be pretty busy even when there is no snow around - plenty of hiking trails, and some of the little kids that are doing them with their parents amazed us!!

There were quite a few tourists at the top of the mountain - managed to get a shot of a a couple of typical tourist types - - - - - 

And the unusual signs continued!!!
After experiencing the mountains, we decided to check out the city sights.  The trip across the lake to Zurich was pretty good and there was a lovely fountain as we arrived in the city precinct.
The city area was nice in the older areas with lots of canals.

While we were there we did have a bit of excitement when there were a group of people demonstrating against the arrest of Pussy riots and took their displeasure to great heights!!!

Although we found Zurich interesting, it was like most cities and super busy and tell the truth we much prefer all the little villages and towns that we travel through.

We did find a beautiful old paddle steamer as we caught the ferry home again.
We ended up staying an extra day or so in Zurich as we had news from Australia that something very exciting was about to happen..........
 And we leave you with the result of our nervous wait - -  introducing JACKSON  our very first Grandson - With great thanks to the manufacturers - Stacey & Frank!!!!!

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