Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Back on the road again - this sign was the first good omen - The road to Birdsville was open!!!!
And now we don't have to just watch out for Roos and Emus - now we have to deal with Cows and Sheep!!!
Butat least we should be able to see them as there is are not too many places for them to hide!!!
We soon came across our first sand dune of the desert- and I guess someone just couldn't resist - looks like they had fun!!!
And way out in the middle of nowhere was this sign....
Apparently these wells are scattered all around out here and according to the information we read they have been used by the aboriginals for hundreds of years. This looked dry, but apparently there is water there!

Unfortunately there was a sad theme that was often repeated along the road, luckily we were not responsible for any of these, but they are a way of life out here ....

As we turned off the main highway towards Birdsville we noticed a sign to Deon's lookout - a nice spot dedicated to a young local.

The view was pretty good as well. Miles and miles of Desert!!!

There was a shelter shed up here and everyone leaves their marker on it - so we thought wehad better do the same and also add a little colour.

Not too far from this lookout I noticed something on the side of a hill - no warning - no signs - it was simply there and pretty incredible........the rainbow serpent I am guessing and it was beautiful - - 

We were travelling through what is called channel country - in the wet this whole country can be under water - whatI wouldn't give to be able to fly over when that happens.  These are all flood plains..

But if it ever gets to the top of this marker - I wouldn't like to get caught in it.....

Most of the road into Birdsville was dirt, but we did come across a patch of bitumen but there was a reason for this.....

This was the runway..

Finally we were getting close - the first hint was the appearance of a horse racing track appearing in the middle of nowhere - unfortunately 'the race' was in September so it was a little quiet!

And so we entered the town proper...
On the banks of the Diamentina river...

And this is where we set up camp - on the banks of the Diamentina- even put up the roof of the annexe for a bit of shade!!!  Did not realise how big it is-  but the shade was very welcome!

And as we settled down with a nice cold Beer in the 43' heat at the end of the day, it was hard to take the view.

Tomorrow, we take on Little Red and Big Red and then onto 'THE TRACK' and more adventures.......

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