Thursday, 31 January 2013


Here we are again checking out the churches.   They really are  pretty special and must have been a mission to build in some areas, but are so far proving to withstand the passing of time and remain inspiring.

We continue to find some beautiful spots to stop for lunch.  This was our lunchtime view in Peterborough.

My fascination with signs continues and I just have to share some of the more unusual ones.  Not sure if everyone will get the message but it will make them think....

And Dave continues to try and photograph interesting stuff wherever we go .  Unfortunately there was nothing interesting around so - - - - - How about a self portrait!!

All along the Great Ocean Road there are interesting places to stop, with unusual rock formations, great views, wildflowers, memorials etc.  We seemed to be stopping a lot. Sometimes though it was a bit of a mission to get to that special spot.....

But it was always worth the effort.

But it wasn't all sunshine and warmth.....This was out of the ordinary though!!!

 Most times the views and the weather were both spectacular

And they just get better!  How glad am I that the times of paying for developing photos is gone. Otherwise we would be robbing a bank to pay for all the photos we've taken........

We found so many great free campsites along the way and met a heap of lovely people. There were also other individuals that seemed to want to get to know us......

Maybe it was the good company or perhaps the offer of a few tasty crumbs!!

This was one such campsite at Johanna Beach.  Lovely rolling green lawns to camp on and they are constructing long drop toilets.  But we were not without as they had a bank of portaloos there for everyone to use. All we had to do was provide our own shower which is the reason for the little green tent.  Add a black bag of water that has warmed in the sun and a 12volt shower pump and there is nothing better............welllllllll  it was pretty good at the time!!!

And the nights were not too bad either - who needs television, Air Conditioning,  walls and a roof when you can have this!!!

But ever onward - and this whole experience can't go on forever.  We are headed towards family and friends - to catch up with after a long time and spend a while together  which will be great we are city bound  - CITY???? -The question is.........

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