Friday, 17 February 2012

Exciting News

Just a quick post to let you share our good news!
Come August we will become Grandma and Grandpa  to our first grandchild - Yeah!!!!
The fact that we will not be in the country will be hard but thank god for skype!
Our Daughter and her partner are to be the happy parents and we wish them all the best and are sure they will make a great Mummy and Daddy
On the travel front - the flights are booked, started on the injections, and still wondering if we will get everything done in time.
Was a bit of a mission to find boxes for transporting the bikes, but eventually found some at the local airport. They are a bit bigger than the ones from Bike Shops and cost $15 each, but it will save us taking both wheels off the bikes so we thought it was worth it.
Now the biggest mission is to see if we can come in under the allowable weight. Flying Emirates so a generous 30kgs check in and 7kgs cary on, but as the bikes and boxes weigh 20kgs approx each it doesn't leave any margin for luxuries.  Probably for the best as we have to carry it all on the bikes.
Still looking into travel insurance - that's my job for next week!!!
Till then........

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