Sunday, 18 March 2012


So much to DO - do – do – do – do ………
So little TIME – time – time – time – time ………

Where to start? Dave finishes up at work this coming Friday and then he will be flat out doing the hundred and one jobs round the house for the next five weeks, and I handed in my notice last Friday but have four more weeks to work yet.  Thought it would be more helpful for me to continue to add to the bank account as I am not much good at erecting pool fences and paling fences, replacing decking and building pool pump housings etc etc etc.

Completed our injections last week (not a tear was shed!)  This weekend has been taken up with shopping for wedding outfit (Bez) and Attending son’s buck’s party (Dave).  We did manage to get out for a ride this morning – into head winds for about 20 of the 30 Klms (not our favourite thing!)

Next weekend is Election Day – Hey! – Good day for a ‘garage sale’.  The voting booth for the area is just up our street at the primary school so will have lots of passing traffic – maybe we can finally rid ourselves of all those things that we don’t want to store!!

Have decided on the company for our travel insurance but still have to sign up – a few discrepancies between their quotes on line versus over the phone, so just have to make sure we get the best price.  No-one has a policy specific to this type of travelling really – we want a bit more than a backpacker policy, but a lot of the features of a comprehensive policy do not really pertain to our trip, but better to be safe than sorry I guess.

This week it’s more packing, speaking to the bank about travelling funds, cards etc and of course ‘The Wedding’!!!      Life is so busy!!!


  1. Well.....I'm wishing you well and happy travelling on one hand......on the other, I'm thinking "gonna miss you two".
    Thanks for a great farewell evening with no recriminating photos :) and always forgiveness for drunken behaviour hahaha xoxoxoxo

  2. Always have a great time with you two!!!! Enough said!!