Monday, 16 April 2012

The countdown is on!! 8 days to go and panic mode setting in!!  
Will we get everything done in time??  
We are very lucky to have family who will finish any items still to do after we leave but are determined to get as much done as we possibly can.  This weekend the weather has been against us a bit. We also had friends stay overnight and then another friend called in for a last goodbye!  Last weekend we had a family day Easter Sunday, and also another day with friends on the Monday.  We always have time and are never in a hurry when friends call in.

This sometimes leads to very hectic days in between!!

Travel insurance has been arranged and we just have to send them copies of the valuations for our bike which we have listed as specific items of luggage.  Want to make sure they are covered if someone decides to take a fancy to them.  We have really good locks but you know the old saying - they only keep the honest people at bay!

Have to make an effort this week to do a final weigh in of all our gear, the bikes, bags, boxes, including all those little last minute items that we have not considered before this.  

We have put a stop on buying anything else before we leave.  What we don't have we will purchase when we get to the UK.  If we do find ourselves overweight we have decided that we will have to weigh up the cost of excess baggage versus the cost of replacing certain items once we arrive.

So its action stations all the way and very full days..........

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