Saturday, 28 April 2012

Friday April 27th 2012    Sussex England

Yes we have finally set off and are on day 4 of our adventure.  On Tuesday night we left Australia and headed for Dubai, where we were to meet a cousin for the first time.  We had planned a 2 night stopover so that could meet them, but it really wasn't enough time as we were made so welcome and got along so well.

After a Dubai style barbeque, after a long day with just a few drinkies we collapsed in a screaming heap at about 9pm.

Thursday was a great day and we went out sailing with a friend of our cousin - it was an amazing afternoon sailing in the Persian Gulf, and although we did not see any marine life, we did see one of the traditional Dhows in full sail which was pretty impressive, and it gives you a whole different perspective of a place to see it from the water. (will add some photos to the photo diary soon!) 

Called in to the big shopping mall where they have the indoor ski run for a bite to eat after our sail, and while we were eating two local men sat down at the next table after saying hello to us.  When the waiter brought our bill over, one of these guys stood up - took the bill and said he would be taking care of it!!   An incredible end to a really great day....and its only Day 3!!

Today we were up early 4am to get ready and get to the airport for 8pm.  There was a delay with the flight so we did not arrive in the UK until 3pm, but after a pretty dodgy landing effort we arrived safely, and are now sipping on a British Beer and planning the next few days.


  1. Wow, not even a full week into the adventure and already so much has happened. If nothing else, you will never be bored :) Keep peddling, your inspiring us all xoxo

  2. Wonderful! How are the family in Dubai?
    SAfe Cycling to you.
    LOL Ian