Saturday, 26 May 2012

Littlehampton to Salisbury

Back on the Road again....Dave improving but the weather isn't!
Battling cold headwinds down through Bognor Regis, where again we saw heaps of BeachHuts.
There are heaps of amusement centres on and around the beach to keep everyone amused when the weather is bad I guess, although most of them were closed due to the cold weather.
We then headed North West to Chichester, travelling through some lovely little villages, although all we saw were people in cars as no one was venturing out except a couple of mad cyclists from Aus!
Looked around Chichester for a couple of hours and found some very unusual shops!
You just needed to walk a bit further!!
We checked out the Cathedral which was pretty impressive.  One problem with some of these places is that due to having all our belongings on the bikes, there are very few places that we can safely leave them so it means that one of us  gets a little look while the other one minds the stuff.
Headed West out of Chichester and camped at Loveders Farm.  They even had a bar which was very nice and one couple in a caravan were quite concerned about us in our tent, so made us tea and coffe!!!!!
Next day travelled South through along the Hayling Billy coastal path - a traffic free path which used to be a rail line. -------"our office (above)"
We then took a ferry to Portsmouth. Spent a while riding along the beachfront bikepath mixing it up with  pedestrians. Checked out the old castle keep and the Tourist information girl watched our bikes so we were able to get a good look together. Also checked out the tunnells under the keep. Just to think how old these things are and we were in the same tunnells they fought seiges in centuries ago!
Leaving Portsmouth after riding round through the docks and Nelsons square - pity it costs so much to see most of these things, so we just have to check them out from a distance!
Another ferry ride to Gosport, through Lee on the Solent, and heading for Southhampton. Stayed just before entering the city.
Next day saw us cut across the top of Southhampton and head to Romsey on another mainly traffic free cycle path.
Romsey was a really lovely little town and the people were friendly.  We stopped a local and asked for directions to the Information Centre and he was actually more helpful than the information centre was once we got there.  I stayed with the bikes in a park while Dave went for food and he came back with a bit more!!  While walking along, the earlier guy called out to him and then said "I have something for you"  He then gave him a stubby of Romsey Beer!!!  Very Nice!
West again towards Salisbury where we saw the Lord of the Manner in his personal Trout stream - really!! there was a sign to say no fishing - private!!!

Onwards towards Salisbury -riding on the road through a lot of lovely little villages with quaint names like Michelmersh, Mottisfont, where the old buildings are just so lovely.
Eventually stopped just short of Salisbury to camp and the camp owner had a very inquisitive boxer
called Denzel!

Tomorrow on to Salisbury and who knows???

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  1. Who knows!!!!! now THAT'S a motto for life.
    Love hearing of your adventures xoxoxo and your "play it by ear" attidude :)