Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Monday 14th May 2012  Littlehampton East Sussex

We're back on the road and enjoying the English sunshine. - well it was shining yesterday!!
We left  Elham in the rain, and traversed the hills, eventually reaching the Romney Marsh. Looking forward to the flat plains, we were soon cut down by mother nature in the form of massive headwinds!!!!  We even had to peddle downhill in parts!

But there were some interesting interludes - we stopped for lunch at a pub and the publican was telling us that Noel Coward wrote his first successful play in the adjacent building, and the woman who wrote 'The Railway Children' is buried in the graveyard over the road.
The old churches are amazing!  The only thing that we find quite defacing is that so many of these beautiful old churches have now got a clock embedded in their towers.

Out of the Marshes and down to Rye we were  hoping to find a camping ground but no luck so onwards to Brede.  Not far from the site we were pulled up by a guy coming out of a house across the road,  He was a KIWI.  "How's it goin Bro? Had a hard day?"  They had seen us earlier in the day.  He offered us a cup of tea which would have been heaven but we had to reach the campground by 6 so had to decline.

Camping in the wind and rain is becoming the norm, but our tent is great so its all good.
The coast is wonderful with its shingle beaches........(read rocks).......and all the beachside amusement parks and little cafe's.   Still finding it hard to get used to people sitting on the beach (rocks)  fully clothed to take in the sun.

We did consider a property purchase on Saturday in Brighton......A Beach Hut.....only 12 thousand pounds!!!   They are everywhere!  And very small.   Still not entirely sure what most people use them for as most do not seem to have power or anything, and they would be about 2m X2m square. Still thinking whether we could use one!!!
Brighton was really busy as it is having a month of festival, and as we were staying with a 'warm showers' host, we were able to leave our gear safely and really check the place out on foot.

Still travelling West along the coast and punching headwinds, we camped here at Little Hampton last night but Dave has come down with something mysterious, Doctor has prescribed antibiotics, so we have booked into a Hostel for a couple of nights to try and get him right.  

First experience of Youth Hostels is not bad.  No frills but everything you need and pretty cheap.  So here we are, planning the next leg of the trip.


  1. One quick trip to the doctor with something "mysterious" and the old man scores two nights in youth hostel. And I thought he was losing it as he got older.

    Loving the photos too Ma!

  2. lol @ Danny's comment. Sounds like someone knows his dad well!!!!

  3. Bloody hell, kick a man while he is down why don't ya'. I'm dying here and no one gives a rats arse.

  4. Could it be an engineering problem.......I always thought Dave had big nuts.....on his bike....maybe that's the problem? Mind you....I know from personal experience that a long time on a bike can do funny things to your engineering!
    Well done my friends - you are meting the challenges - and hanging in there - Sorry about the pun Dave!

  5. Trying again - just to make sure this works - Meant what i said about hanging in there - keep looking forward - you won't regret the effort.